A Rabbit Walks Into A Butcher Shop. –

One morning, a rabbit walks into a butcher shop and says,

‘Hello, sir. Do you have any carrots?’

The barber responds,

‘Carrots? This is a butcher shop. We don’t sell carrots here.’

‘Oh’, responds the rabbit, ‘My apologies’, and he hops out of the store.

The next day, the rabbit comes back.

‘Helloooo. Do you have any carrots?’

‘You’re that rabbit from yesterday, aren’t you? I already told you. This is a butcher shop. We don’t sell carrots.’

‘Ahh. Right.’ The rabbit hops out again.

Day three comes around, and again the rabbit appears.

‘Hiiiiiiiiiiiii. Do you have any carrots?’

‘Look, mate, I’ve told you. This is a butcher shop. If you come back asking for more carrots, I’ll nail your ears to the floor!’

‘My ears, you say? Hmm, okay, thanks anyway.’ The rabbit hops out.

Day four passes, and there’s no rabbit.

Day five and day six pass without any sign of the rabbit, either.

Day seven comes around, and suddenly, the rabbit reappears.

‘Heeeeey. Do you have any nails?’

‘….Nails? Of course, I don’t, you imbecile! This is a butcher shop!’

‘Right. Got any carrots, then?’

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