A Man Lost His Dog In The Park.

There was a man who has two dogs, named commonsense’ and ‘trouble’.

He always brought his dogs to the park every evening.

One day, he only brought ‘trouble’ to the park, and left ‘commonsense’ at home.

while the man was so happy playing ‘frisbee’ with his friends, ‘Trouble’ disappeared.

The man was so sad and panicky. He looked for his dog everywhere but could not find it.

A lady realised it and asked the man, What are you looking for?”.

The man replied “I’m looking for ‘trouble’…”. “pardon..”, said the lady.

The man replied in a higher tone I am looking for ‘TROUBLE’”.

The lady was annoyed and asked

“Where’s your  commonsense?”.

The man whose mind was only about his dogs, answered “At home…”

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