A Man And A Woman Decided To Travel. –

A man and a woman decided to travel to a deserted mountain road to make love.

They park the car on a sloping shoulder off the road, take off all of their clothes, hop into the back seat, and start to rock the car.

Well, the car is an older model, and they forget to set the emergency brake properly, and so the car starts rolling…off the slope, over a small overhang, and crashes.

The woman is thrown clear, but the man is pinned inside the car.

Man: “You’re going to have to go get some help, I’m stuck.”

Woman: “Go get some help? I’m completely naked, you idiot!”

The man grumbles gropes around the car as best he can and pulls out one of his shoes.

“Here,” he says,

“put this where it will do you the most good, and go get some help, for Pete’s sakes.”

So the woman wedges the shoe between her legs and starts waddling down the road.

Soon, she reaches a little shack. She knocks on the door, and an old grizzled gentleman answers.

“You’ve got to help my boyfriend,” blurts the nearly naked woman,

” he’s stuck.”

The old gentleman eyes the woman up and down and replies,

“Honey, if he’s in that far, I can’t help him.

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