A Little Old Lady Was Walking Her Dog. –



A little old lady was walking her dog around a lake on a cold winter morning and the lake was still frozen.

All of a sudden, her little dog spotted a duck that was walking on the ice and ran out onto the frozen lake to try and catch it.

The dog ended up falling through the thin ice, fell into the freezing water and the little old lady started to scream for help.

“Help, help, my dog has fallen into the lake”, she cried out in a state of hysteria.

Watching all this commotion was a German student, who had been jogging around the park.

He sprinted over to the lady and asked, “Vot is zee matter viv your dog, can I za help?”

“Oh yes please,” the old lady said.

“My dog is in the water over there” and she pointed out to the lake, where how pet pooch was thrashing about in the water, struggling to stay afloat.

So, the brave German jogger, without hesitation, waded into the near-freezing water of the lake, saved the dog and placed it on the grass beside the old lady.

“Oh you are so kind”, the old lady said,

“Are you a vet?”

“VET!”, replied the German jogger.

“VET! I’m soaked!”




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