A Lion Was On A Date With A Lioness. –

A lion was on a date with a lioness he was chasing after for months and finally got his chance to take her out to a picnic.

While they were enjoying their romantic outing, a monkey jumped out and started making fun of the lion.

The lioness looked at the lion and said “aren’t you going to respond by beating him up and teaching him a lesson?”

The lion looks at the monkey then tells her “nah forget him, just ignore him”

The lioness felt a little strange and went back to her date mood.

The monkey jumps out again and makes more fun of the lion.

The lioness gets very angry and roars at the lion “either you go teach him a lesson and man up or I will!”

The lion looks at the monkey then back at her and says “sweetheart just ignore him, trust me”

The monkey starts mooning the couple and farts towards them calling the lion names.

The lioness had enough. She jumps and starts to chase the monkey who immediately started running into the forest.

Over the pond, with the lioness behind him, jumping over ditches, with the lioness behind him, and into a hollow log where the lioness finally got stuck with her head inside and the rest of her body outside the log.

The monkey calmly walks out of the other side, goes to the back of the log, and starts having s*x with the stuck lioness as she struggles to release her head from the log.

After a few minutes, and after the monkey was finished and long gone,

she successfully released her self and with shame returned back to the lion, who looked at her and said

“he took you to the log didn’t he?”

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