A Lion Is Getting Up In Age. –



A lion is getting up in age and can’t hunt like he used to,

He doesn’t want to starve,

So he comes up with a unique way to be able to get close to his prey without being noticed.

He decides to get a one-piece gorilla suit to disguise himself.

He puts on the suit that covers everything only leaving his eyes uncovered.

He decides to test out his new suit by going down to the local waterhole.

As he goes down the path, he comes upon a tree with a couple of eagles perched on a couple of high branches.

When he draws near the tree, one of the eagles says

“Hello, Mr Lion! How are you?”

The lion is stunned that he was recognized and responds

“How did you know it was me?! I’m completely covered except for part of my face.”

All the eagle’s reply with

“You can’t hide your lion eyes!”




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