A Husband and Wife Talking. –



WIFE: Darling why are you home this early wearing such a Long face?

HUSBAND: Had a terríble day, I lost all my colleagues today at work.

WIFE: Bloód of Jesus! What háppened?

HUSBAND: There was a Fíre óut break dówn the tunnel and everybody died!

WIFE: What a píty! Darling, I thank God for keeping You Alíve.🙏 How did you make it out my dear?

HUSBAND: Dárling, it was God’s Wórk. My stómach was upsétting me so, I took a bréak to eáse myself in the toílet.

WIFE: Darling, thank God you are alive. What would have happened to us??!!😢; I feel so much píty for their families, how are they going to survive now?

HUSBAND: My dear it’s a píty, but the UNITED NATIONS has decided to give the families of the deceased $10 million each.

WIFE: What? !!!! Ten míllion what? Chai!! Honey, you didn’t do well oo, why are you always ábsent when God wants to bléss us?




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