A Husband And Wife Playing A Game. –


WIFE: Honey let’s play a game

HUSBAND: Okay. What’s the game about?

WIFE: If I mention a country, you run to the left side of the room and touch the wall & if I mention a bird, you run to the right side of the room and touch the wall.

If you run in the wrong direction, you’ll give me all your salary for this month

HUSBAND: Okay! And if you fail in your turn, I’ll have your salary too right?

WIFE: (smiles) Yes darling!

HUSBAND: Okay (stands up ready to run in any direction)

Wife: are you ready

Husband: Yes ready


It’s been 4 HOURS NOW…

The husband is still standing at the spot wondering if she meant the Country or the bird

Moral lesson… After God, Fear Wife!

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