A Herd Of Cows And Two Bulls Are Eating Grass. –


A herd of cows and two bulls are eating grass out in the pasture.

Suddenly, a great gust of wind comes ripping across the prairie and knocks all the cows to the ground.

But, the bulls just sway in the wind and continue eating.

When the wind quiets down, the cows stand up, brush off the dirt, and start eating again.

A bit later, one cow looks up just in time to see a tornado tearing through the pasture fence.

The tornado knocks the cows every which way, but the bulls just rock back and forth as they are buffeted.

When the cows get back on their feet and pick the straw out of their hide, they all walk over to the bulls.

One cow says,

“Why do we cows get knocked over by wind but you bulls keep standing?”

The two bulls laugh and reply,

“We bulls wobble, but we don’t fall down.”

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