A Doctor Is About To Retire And A Young Colleague Comes To Replace Him. –


In a small town, a doctor is about to retire and a young colleague comes to replace him.

They visit all the patients together and the old doctor introduces the young one everywhere.

“Doctor, I’ve been having a constant stomach ache lately.” says one of the patients.

The old doctor answers,

“Didn’t you eat too much fruit? I think you should eat less, that’ll make you okay.”

As the two doctors leave the house, the young man asks

“How could you make a diagnosis so quickly? You didn’t even examine the lady.”

“Simple. I dropped my stethoscope, and as I picked it up, I saw that the trash can under the table was full of banana peels. I immediately realised what was wrong.”

They move on to the next house, where they are greeted by another lady. It’s the young doctor’s turn.

“Doctor, I’ve been feeling exhausted and weak lately.” says the lady.

“Well, ma’am, maybe you should do less volunteering for the church and get more rest.”

As they leave, the surprised old doctor asks his colleague,

“How did you know that? After all, you didn’t even examine the lady, and you don’t even know her.”

“Simple. I dropped my stethoscope, and as I picked it up, I saw the priest under the bed.”




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