A Couple Is At A Rodeo. –

An Irish couple is at a Rodeo when an announcement comes over the speakers offering $10,000 dollars to anyone who can stay on a bucking bronco for 30 seconds:

Before she can do anything the husband is out of his seat and being kitted out with chaps and all the gear.

She screams at the top of her voice for him to come back, that he’ll be killed or badly injured.

But all to no avail.

In minutes he’s on the horse and the gate is opened.

He survives the 30 seconds and they have to catch the horse to let him dismount.

He comes back to the wife, proudly clutching his cheque.

“Jaysus.” She says.

“Never do anything like that again, I nearly died of worry. But well done anyway, where did you learn to do that?”

“Remember the time I rode you when you had whooping cough?”

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