A City Guy Buys A Ranch. –

A city guy buys a ranch.

He sits on the porch of his new house taking in the fresh country air when a dusty truck pulls up.

The old man in the truck gets out. he’s 6 feet tall, with a huge beard.

” I came to invite you to a little Welcome to the Neighborhood party at my place tonight. “

“Well, that’s a mighty fine of you,” the city guy replies.

“It’s going to be great,” the old neighbour adds.

“There’s gonna be lots drinkin’!”

“Sounds great,” the city guy replies. “I haven’t had a drink since I moved here”

The old man adds

“and there’s probably gonna be a fight or two, but I take care of these things” flexing his enormous biceps.

The city boy is reassured since the neighbour looks like he could win.

“And if I know the way these things go, the nights gonna end with lots and lots of s*x,” the old man says

“that’s great!” says the city boy “I haven’t gotten laid since I got here!”

What should I wear?”

“Aww, it doesn’t matter,” the old man says.

“It’s just gonna be you and me!”


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