A Bear, A Wolf And A Rabbit Were Travelling Through The Forest. –

A bear, a wolf and a rabbit were travelling through the forest together.

In order to survive more easily, they maintained a strategy by which everyone would contribute a little something to the group.

The bear, being the strongest, hunted, for the most part, the wolf chased the ones who would try to escape and the rabbit roamed around the forest collecting fruits so they could have something to snack on later.

One day the wolf became wounded and unable to fend for himself, so all of them had to rely on the bear.

Unfortunately, the winter came and the bear habitually went into his winter sleep.

Much to his regret, the wolf knew that eventually, he will have to consume the rabbit as he won’t survive solely on his fruit snacks.

So he goes over to talk to him:

“Look, I know we all been friends and all, but you have to understand, the bear is asleep and I cannot hunt on my own. I am starving so…no hard feelings?”

The rabbit frowns a bit in confusion.

“Look!” Exclaims the wolf

“I don’t want this to get awkward, ok?! You are redundant, The bear is hibernating and I AM EXTREMELY RAVENOUS! “

The rabbit takes a step back, pulls out a knife and goes

“Don’t you even think about touching the bear! “

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