A Barman Was On Duty One Night. –

A barman was on duty one night when a rabbit enters the bar.

He sits at the bar and says

‘I’ll have a cheese and onion toastie please.”

The barman is amazed by this, and not knowing what to say he serves the rabbit his toastie.

The rabbit eats his toastie and leaves.

The barman tells a few of his friends about this, and the next night they come along to the bar to see if the rabbit shows up again.

At exactly the same time that night he turns up, he hops over to the bar takes a seat and orders a cheese and onion toastie.

The barman looks to his friends and then serves the rabbit his cheese and onion toastie.

The next day the whole town had heard about this rabbit, and they all went to the bar to see if the rabbit turns up again.

Right on schedule the rabbit turns up to the bar, he goes up to the barman and he says

“can I have a cheese and onion toastie please?”

The barman realises that they’ve actually run out of onions.

He replies “I’m sorry, we’re out of onions but I can make you a ham and cheese toastie?”

The rabbit thinks for a moment then says

“yes, I guess that would be okay.”

He ate his toastie and then hopped away.

The next day the barman got in touch with all of the local news stations, they were there with their cameras to see the rabbit.

However, the rabbit did not show up.

There was no sign of the rabbit for the next week, and the bar went back to its old quiet days.

Then one night the ghost of the rabbit came into the bar.

The barman said

“dude, what happened to you? I was wondering where you’d gone. How did you die?”

The rabbit then looked at the barman and said

“it was mixing me toasties”


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