95% Of People Can’t Spot The Lone DOE In This Christmas Inspired Scene But Can You?

Today is another great day to put your visual and observation skills to the test with a fun picture puzzle that you can share with your friends and family.

For this challenge, viewers must find the lone doe among the reindeer in this Christmas-themed brainteaser! But not many people can spot it right away. What about you?

Let’s begin. Take a look at the image below and see if you can spot the doe in the picture!

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The picture puzzle above shows dozens of reindeer playing and hopping around in a forest. It seems like a beautiful place to relax and just watch the animals from afar but don’t let it distract you from your goal!

The challenge is to find the lone doe in the picture. Have you spotted it yet?

If you have found the doe among the reindeer, congratulations! You are one of the few people who managed to spot it without checking the answer below.

But if you’re still struggling, simply scroll down to view the answer. Just make sure that you have already done your best so take another look at the picture puzzle above and you might spot the doe this time!

Feel free to ask your family or friends for help to boost the fun.

Are you ready to see where the doe is?

Feel Good Contacts

There it is! Now let’s try another picture puzzle.

Can you find the chick waddling among the ducks?

The picture shows ducks playing and waddling around ponds but there is also a chick among them! Have you spotted it yet?

Scroll down to view the answer…

Were you able to solve both picture puzzles? Which one is more challenging for you? Let us know in the comments section and SHARE this post with your friends and family!

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