9 Signs You Have A Real And Faithful Gentleman By Your Side

Every woman has her own idea of her perfect man – the man that she would want to spend the rest of her life with. Some women prefer funny guys, some prefer tall guys, some prefer guys that they can connect with on a deeper level. Whatever the case, there is one trait that every woman looks to find in a man, and that’s loyalty.

Here are 9 signs that you’ve found a loyal and faithful man.

1. He wants to be emotionally intimate, not just physically intimate.

There are some men who really care only for s-e-x. They don’t bother about how other person feels or about the nature of their relationship and they will pay attention only to s-e-x. But if you have a true and loyal man, he will be far different from this. He will want to know how your day went and he will listen to all your worries and fears. He will enjoy having deep conversations with you rather than locking you up in bed.

2. He is genuinely interested in you on all levels.

He will listen to you no matter what you say. He is always interested in all your talks and walks because he needs to know what kind of a person you are and therefore, even if you talk nonsense for hours, he will be a good listener and will encourage you to have more conversations.

3. He wants to know everything about you

He doesn’t work out his conversations with you around one particular hobby or interest that you both have in common. No. He wants to know every single detail of your personality. He wants to know everything about you. He wants to know your true essence and what has made you the woman that you are today, the woman that he loves deeply.

4. He has told his friends all about you.

He doesn’t panic when you run into someone he knows. They already know all about you because he has told them before you even met them. Most importantly, he doesn’t introduce you to them as his ‘friend’, but he makes sure to let them know how important you are to him. He admits his love for you openly because he is proud to have you.

5. He doesn’t hide anything from you

He doesn’t leave the room when he gets a call. He doesn’t mind leaving his phone with you because he has nothing to hide. You know that if you ask him to give you an access to his Facebook account, he would do it without hesitating. Because he wants you to be sure that you are the only woman for him.

6. He shows that you are the only woman for him.

Anyone will say you are the only person in their lives. But the truth is that only a few men truly are faithful for their women and that’s why it is important to find the right guy. If he is truly faithful to you, then it will be only you in his life and there will be no any second considerations. Even when there are so many women around him, his eyes will always be on you and he will love you more than anyone else in the world.

7. He makes you a priority.

No matter how busy he is and how many things are there to be checked by him, you will always be his priority. This doesn’t mean that he will neglect all his works just to be with you, but he will rather find time to at least send you a text amidst all his chaos. Even if there is no any proper communication, you will always be there on his thoughts and he will consider you first whenever he has to make an important decision.

8. He never forgets to text and call you at random times

When you don’t even expect him to call you or text you because he has been extremely busy at work, and he still finds time to talk to you – he is a keeper! A man who finds time to talk to you and ask about your day in the middle of his hectic work is a man who truly loves and cares about you. He can’t even spend a day without hearing your voice.

9. He is there for you as your equal partner.

He will never look down on you just because you are the woman and he is the man. He will cook for you, will do the dishes and sometimes if you are not feeling well, he will do anything to make you feel good and better.

Ladies, have you found a man like this?

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