9 Reason Married Man Sleep with Another Woman

9 Reason Married Man Sleep with Another Woman

1. LUST is the number one reason

The number one cause of betrayal is lust. Lust means having a very strong $exual desire for someone. When a man lays eyes on a woman who is pleasing to his eyes, he quickly undresses and wishes to sleep with her.

A man can easily lust after a woman for years, even if he is in a relationship, and that thirst will not be quenched until he has slept with her. In most cases, he doesn’t put on emotions, he just pursues the woman to satisfy his $exual desire and not necessarily to make her his partner. The state of his relationship with his wife or partner is irrelevant when he decides to lust after a woman.

2. Men are masters of lying

When a man wants to sleep with a woman, they don’t come straight out and say “hey, I’m lusting after you, let’s have $ex”; he will formulate all kinds of lies and make her feel special in order to win her over. If he’s married, he may even tell lies like “I’m not married or I don’t love my wife anymore, we’re constantly fighting or we’re going through a divorce.” Or you can even say “I have always liked or loved you”. He may even shower you with gifts or money, or even a strategy to ensure that your goal is met. Also, a man doesn’t mind lying to his wife or partner and putting the relationship at risk just so he can satisfy his craving.

3. Men cannot resist women

If a woman makes a move on a man, it is very difficult for him to say no or run away. He will seize the opportunity, even though he knows he is in a committed relationship. When he sleeps with her, it doesn’t mean he has any feelings for her, to him she is just a meal being brought to him on a silver platter. It’s an easy game for him because he didn’t have to make any effort or tell any lies to sleep with her.

4. They love the thrill

They get bored easily with routine $ex and want something different and wild. So they end up sleeping with different women because it gives them different experiences.

5. Alcohol and friends

The culture of men leaving their partners behind and going out drinking with their friends fosters the environment for ch.e.a.t.i.n.g. When people are drunk, they have the courage to do things they wouldn’t normally do and don’t think about the consequences. Also when you are drunk you become $exually aroused or horny.

When men are among themselves, the conversations they have promote ch.e.a.t.i.n.g.

6. Impatient when a woman is not available

Some men are just impatient, if they can’t get you home, then they have to take you somewhere else. A woman will not always be $exually available since one week a month, or after childbirth she cannot have $ex 6 weeks and for some it may even be longer, or due to other health conditions.

7. Not happy in the relationship

When a man is not happy, respected, supported, or appreciated in the relationship, he will find solace in the arms of another woman. For the reasons mentioned above, this is the only reason a man has been pushed to c.h.e.a.t due to a woman’s actions. However, the problem with men is that they do not communicate their feelings. A woman may think that everything is fine while a man is bleeding inside due to certain words that were spoken by her.

8. Loose ends with exes

In most cases, a man will never tell a woman that the relationship is over, he will just disengage. So this makes it easier for him in the future to tell his exes that they never really broke up. Thus, when the opportunity presents itself, they pick up where they left off.

9. Still looking for the one

When a man enters a relationship, he knows if the woman is one to keep or if she is just a fling to keep him busy while he continues his search. He will keep his options open and have multiple partners. Many marriages have been formed from a man’s betrayal, because one man is usually found in the arms of another, and because they lie, they never tell the woman they like that they are already in a relationship.

Source: momjunction.com

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