9 huge signs that you are NOT the MAIN CHICK in your relationship

9 huge signs that you are not the main chick in your relationship

Not many people want to take the risk of dating only one person. They want support just in case the one they really love blindsides them.

No one wants to be hurt, which is why it is such a scary time to look for a relationship. You have to be vigilant, so that you can deflate your “girl on the side” role.

Do you think you are dating someone who is dating other people? Here are 8 signs that you might be right.

1. Limited time with you

Does he make all kinds of excuses for not spending special times with you?

Special days in general should make him much more suspicious – Christmas, New Year’s, even Valentine’s Day. These are the hardest days to make excuses for when you are in a serious, exclusive relationship.

So if he regularly makes excuses for missing all these days, well, chances are he needs to be with the real thing.

No matter how well he treats you, side chicks are still side chicks – a distraction from any commitment he’s already made to another woman.

2. Do you ever show it to anyone

Not to friends, not to family, or even to followers on ANY social media platform, despite having a strong and thriving online presence. There is an argument for private men who like to keep their business private.

While we can all appreciate their discreet spirit, we can also agree that it is a bit unusual, even suspicious, to love an entire woman for about six months to a year without anyone knowing it.

If he is not introducing you to his world – real or virtual – there is every need to question this man and his intentions.u.

3. He leaves right after $.e.x

He doesn’t stay and talk after $.e.x and there is absolutely no coziness. The second he finishes, he gets dressed and leaves without a second thought. Want to know why he is in such a hurry? Two possibilities. Either he needs to get back to his girlfriend or he doesn’t want to spend the night with you. Which one is the worst?

4. He is secretive.

You don’t know anything about him. Does he have siblings? Is he unemployed? Does he own a house? You have no idea, and not for lack of trying. You’ve asked questions, he simply never answers. Instead of letting you in, he keeps you at arm’s length. He’s not looking at you in a long-term girlfriend way, so why would he tell you his secrets?

5. Too guarded with your phone

Okay, this is some kind of hot potato when it comes to relationships in general. The issue of phones, passwords, gadgets and privacy will always generate divided opinions, of course.

However, there is one undeniable secret you will feel when someone is trying to hide something. Is he deleting your call history, changing passwords frequently, saving your phone as core codes?

There’s a chance it’s probably the girl next door.

6. You only see him at night.

Do you only see him after sunset? This is a very clear sign that you are the girl next door to him. If you were someone he really liked, he would make time for you during the day. Whether that would take him to Sunday lunch or to a farmer’s market. Your dates would not be restricted to after-hours events.

7. He is stingy with money

You have been “seeing” each other for a while now, and he has spent a total of $0 on you. Makes sense. Guys with side chicks don’t usually have the budget to treat each of their ladies. And, unfortunately, they didn’t make the cut. He has to cut costs somewhere, which explains why you are always the one paying for the mailers.

8. He doesn’t take you on dates

You don’t get “date nights,” you get “afterthought nights.” He only stays with you when your plans fall through, which rarely happens because he keeps a full schedule. The worst part? He has no shame! He calls you at 10 pm and asks you to “come over” without even apologizing for the late call. Disrespect at its finest.

9. He avoids any “boyfriend” duties.

He refuses to be your date at weddings and won’t go to your friend’s dinners. He says he likes you, but his actions speak louder than his words. If he liked you, he would act like a boyfriend and not like a stranger you met on the street.

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