8 Underwear Mistakes That You’re Making Every Day Can Affect Your Health And Style

You might think that just remembering to put on underwear each day is good enough, but we’re here to tell you otherwise. Believe it or not, some of these mistakes can even be harmful to your health.

We all know that wearing underwear for more than one day is a big no-no, but did you know there are mistakes just as detrimental to your health and style that you could be making every day?

No, we’re not just talking about the temporary embarrassment of wearing black underwear with a pair of white jeans or the slight discomfort of wearing something too skimpy. The wrong habits when it comes to buying, washing, and wearing underwear could be causing you lasting issues that are more than just embarrassing.

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1. You’re buying based on size, NOT fit.

Underwear that’s too tight can cause really ugly lines, not to mention that awful muffin top, so next time you’re out shopping for panties, make sure you try them on instead of just assuming your size—sometimes things can run way small, especially panties. And when in doubt, definitely go a size up.

2. They’re washed with scented detergents.

If you’re like most people, you probably just toss your underwear in with the rest of your laundry and call it a day. Unfortunately, though, the scented soaps and fabric softeners you might use for your jeans and shirts can actually be wreaking havoc on your lady bits.

The skin down there tends to be more sensitive than on the rest of your body, and it can be irritated incredibly easily—even by something as simple as a scented soap. Not only that, but the fragrances and chemicals in things like dryer sheets and detergents can even make your skin burn or itch.

3. You’re Not Handwashing Your Intimates

Hot water from the washing machine can ruin the stretch of your underwear. What’s more, panties made with delicate materials such as silk or lace can easily get tangled or torn with zippers, buttons and other hardware from your other clothes. To extend the life of your underwear, it’s best to hand wash and hang to dry. If you must machine wash, use a gentle cycle and always put them inside a mesh lingerie bag.

4. You’re wearing white underwear with your white clothing.

This may sound good in theory, but think again. Unless your skin tone is stark white, the contrast of the underwear against your skin will cause it to show through white clothing. Instead, wear underwear closest in color to your skin tone, which will literally disappear underneath clothing.

5. You’re wearing light underwear with your dark-colored clothing.

Most people (we hope!) know not to wear dark underwear through light-colored clothing, but did you know you can also see light underwear through dark-colored clothing? Especially if a camera flash is involved. You’re literally airing your dirty laundry. So if you’re wearing a black dress, it’s best to stick to black skivvies.

6. They’re not cotton.

In a perfect world, our underwear would be made of nothing but cotton, but most people wear pairs that are at least lined with the natural fabric. If you’re not one of them, it’s time to go shopping, especially if you’re someone who often finds themselves with some type of infection or irritation down there.

Lace, polyester, and other synthetic fabrics can hold in moisture and heat, which can not only cause irritation but create the perfect environment for bacteria and fungus to hang around in. Unfortunately, even silk is a culprit.

7. They’re always stained.

Hey, every woman probably has at least one pair of period panties; no one’s judging you for wearing underwear that you’re not afraid of having ruined, if you know what we mean.

However, when it comes to your everyday discharge, it’s important to pay attention to any changes you may notice, and a lot of women don’t. Depending on what’s causing the change, you might see more or less discharge, or it could be thicker or thinner, or even a different color from normal.

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