8 signs the passion has gone out of your relationship

8 signs the passion has gone out of your relationship

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Co-sleeping is not the only thing that can rob your love life of passion.

8 reasons why your partner is now your housemate.

1. You rarely fight

You continue to irritate each other, but you are no longer invested enough to get really angry with your partner.

Two triggers of conflict for couples were neglect (one partner feeling rejected or unloved by the other person), or possessiveness.

But when you fall into a platonic marriage, none of these issues will arise between you anymore.

2. Sleeping separately

It started out as a necessity (perhaps due to kids, snoring, illness, work shifts) but now it’s turning the guest room into a man cave.

If you just sleep better in separate beds, this habit can be healthy for your relationship.

A good night’s sleep has made couples happier with each other the next day.

But if they do it to get away from each other, it’s a bad sign.

3. They barely have sex

If you’ve fallen below that average, you’re getting into roommate territory.

Another sign is that sex, when you eventually have it, is purely mechanical, with no conversation, flirtation, loving pillow talk, eye contact, or post-breakup cuddles.

4. You eat separately

Is eating meals with your partner a sign of happiness? Not exactly.

The happiest couples shared meals together … but so did the unhappiest ones.

The couples who avoided eating together were the ones in the middle of the scale, who were “moderately unhappy.”

So if you avoid your partner at breakfast and dinner, it may be a sign that you’re just grinding yourself down.

5. Neither of you gets jealous

Although extreme jealousy is unhealthy and harmful, most couples will experience the occasional sighting of the green monster.

So is it a bad sign if you never get jealous? Yes.

At the root of jealousy is the fear of losing someone.

Therefore, a total lack of jealousy can show that you don’t care if your partner stays or goes.

6. No longer caring about their appearance

This doesn’t just mean that you’ve stopped wanting to impress each other. For women in particular, dressing up can show that they are feeling down.

Women are more likely to wear dark, familiar, baggy clothes when they feel depressed, and six times more likely to wear a dress when they feel happy.

7. You never go to bed at the same time

If your husband stays up later than you, there is science that says you can’t help it.

Men get a small boost of testosterone late at night that often leads them to watch TV or play video games until the wee hours.

But if you both go out of your way to never hit the hay together – or retreat to different rooms every night – you are deliberately making room.

8. Go to the bathroom with the door open

. . . And burp or fart in front of each other.

They let loose – in every sense of the word.

Of course, it may not be sustainable to maintain this certain air of mystery in front of a long-term partner.

But if you are regularly venting the air and declaring, “I’d give those ten minutes,” I think we can safely assume that the passion is gone.


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