8 signs she’s a highly confident woman

There are many strong women out there who have set an example and have become great role models’ due to sheer dedication, confidence, and self-love. They stand out from the crowd and are an inspiration to all young women and upcoming generations despite the hardships they have experienced in their life. Strong women are beautiful souls who have become loving and caring mothers, sisters, friends, wives, etc. They are also the dreamers, the doers, achievers, and the winners in every aspect of their lives, whether it be in relationships or in career success. Thousands of powerful world women leaders have been very successful in various industries: the corporate world, sports, arts, etc. To name a few: Indra Nooyi, Priyanka Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, …..

These famous influential women have exhibited high self-esteem and confidence which allowed them to grow as an individual and have contributed to the success of their goals and dreams. They all portray the epitome of women empowerment and exhibit high level of confidence, allowing them to improve their own personal style and quality of life. Highly confident women including these female global leaders also possess 7 other significant qualities, which are outlined below, making them stand out from the crowd

1. Value their self-worth

As this ties into the other traits, confident women value their self-worth and portray high self-esteem. They understand their worth and what they deserve instead of always questioning their actions and how other people feel about them. They acknowledge that they are good hearted, competent, and lovable and believe that the right people who value their presence and character will stay in their lives. They are able to walk away from the people who underestimate their personality. They are comfortable about being authentic and feel at ease in trusting themselves to make the right choices.

2. They respect themselves.

Do you push yourself beyond healthy limits? Do you believe you have to work hard to be worthy of love? Self-respect is honoring your human needs and not treating yourself like a machine.

Self-worth expresses as living a balanced lifestyle. You devote yourself equally to work, home, family, and relaxation. To express your highest potential, you need to take care of yourself. This includes eating nutritiously, getting adequate sleep, and giving yourself an occasional treat. For some women, this takes the form of a facial, mani-pedi, shopping spree, or girls’ night out.

3. They trust their instincts.

When making a tough decision, do you follow the lead of a hunch? If so, you have one of the traits of the rock-solid woman. Intuition is a reliable guide, the bridge between your subconscious and conscious mind. It transcends the limits of reason.

Intuition is also called “emotional intelligence.” The right side of your brain is its source. If you tend to override your instincts, start tuning into your inner voice. Here’s how to practice.

4. Practice self-love

These types of women always practice self-love by appreciating their unique traits and loving themselves, despite any short-comings. They accept their imperfections and work on their weaknesses/mistakes, trying to become a better and inspiring person each day. They find their happiness through their own efforts. They always compete with themselves instead of others and value every obstacle that comes their way as they believe that hardships are stepping stones to success and strength. Self-love in turn tremendously boosts self-confidence and allows people to feel good about themselves.

5. Confident women know their strengths.

If you’re like many women, you focus more on your weaknesses than capabilities. You may judge yourself harshly. However, constant self-criticism is a sure way to belittle yourself. When you’re mindful of what you do well, you’ll achieve even more!

Your strengths are your natural abilities, tasks that are easy for you. To increase awareness of your merits, list 10 personal strengths. Behavioral scientists have identified 24 of them. Examples are creativity, courage, diligence, generosity, and self-control. Two psychologists, in particular, cataloged the list. Drs. Martin Seligman and Christopher Peterson authored “Character Strengths and Virtues.” Here you can view a summary of the 24 characteristics.

If you’re unsure of your talents, reflect on the feedback you receive. If you work for a company, what praise have you obtained from co-workers and supervisors? What do family and friends admire most about you? Write down their comments and read them regularly.

6. They don’t fear failure.

Is the thought of failure terrifying? Do you beat yourself up after making a mistake? If so, put blunders in perspective. Erring is part of life. When you can view a blooper as a learning experience, it becomes a stepping stone to achievement.

Feeling guilty for choices you’ve made wastes your good energy. You did the best you could under the circumstances, isn’t that right? If an apology is warranted, don’t hesitate to convey it. The subsequent release will free you from negativity.

The path to success often involves surmounting obstacles. This is the testimony of celebrities who’ve struggled to accomplish their goals. Here are two examples.

J.K. Rowling, author of the “Harry Potter” books, began writing as a divorced single mother. Jobless, poor, and depressed, she was forced to live on government-assisted welfare. Twelve publishers rejected her first script. To date, she’s sold 400 million copies of her fantasy novels.

After Harrison Ford’s first movie appearance, an executive told him he’d never succeed in the film industry. His career has spanned 60 years, including leading roles in “Star Wars” and the “Indiana Jones” series. Here are more amazing accounts of people who failed on the way to achievement.

7. Passionate

They follow their heart and devote their time and effort to achieving their goals and dreams. They are passionate about the work they love and do and would not think twice even if it means to step outside of their comfort zone, which allows them to grow and be more confident as an individual.

8. They’re resilient.

Don’t you admire people who quickly bounce back from adversity? Do you exhibit this capacity? If so, kudos to you! If you’re somewhat slow to recover, don’t despair. Realize you have overcoming power. As a woman, buoyancy is part of your nature. You’re inherently strong. Here’s how to tap into your inner resources.

Develop a support system. Keep the company of people who care about you, will listen non-judgmentally, and help you work through unpleasant emotions. In addition to friends, family, and co-workers, consider taking the help of clergy and licensed therapists.
View difficult times as temporary. Remind yourself that, although circumstances are rough now, they will improve.
Practice gratitude. Recall all the aspects of your life that are going well.

9. Optimistic

Highly confident women always have a positive outlook on life and are optimistic with any situation that they face. They are open minded about any ideas that come along their way and believe that everything is possible, providing the best solution for every problem. They encourage and motivate others, especially like-minded women to keep persevering their dreams and to be there for one another. Optimism is very important in becoming successful in life and is a trait that every confident woman should portray.

10. Don’t conform to society standards

These types of women believe that they don’t need to conform to society standards and an image of the beautiful woman with a perfect body or personality. They refuse to accept how the society tells them to behave a certain way. These ladies believe that beauty is all about women embracing you’re their flaws and being the best version of themselves. They are comfortable in their own skin and don’t need to change who they are just to fit into society. They feel that being beautiful is when women feel happy & confident about themselves and value the person they’ve become. They don’t need to be accepted by others.

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