8 Signs He is In Love with You For Real

8 Signs He is In Love with You For Real

Love is a tricky thing, no doubt. Lots of men say they love a woman and they don’t. Other guys just don’t know how to get the words out there, but they deeply, truly love you. How can you tell the difference? Here are the top 8 sure fire signs that he is in love with YOU for real.

1. He makes it known you’re important to him

This can be in a variety of ways: he could say it, obviously, but he could also show it by appreciating you, appreciating the things he knows are important to you, responding to calls, texts and emails quickly and lovingly, and integrating you into his daily life.

2. He’s by your side looking after you when you’re sick

Men aren’t always known for being the best nurses, but if his nurturing and caring instincts kick in when you’re sick and he asks what you need, and genuinely wants to do what he can for you, then you know he thinks you’re pretty special.

3. The Way He Looks at You

Guys are very visual creatures. When they like what they see, they look at it. You will know your man is truly in love when he can’t stop looking at you. We don’t mean those peeks at your cleavage, we mean when he doesn’t even notice another woman, the hockey game on TV, or even the food on his plate! When he is in love with you, he will gaze into your eyes and not turn away.

4. He includes you in his social life

He introduces you to his family, and circle of friends. More than once. He is affectionate with you in front of them and uses “we” a lot. It’s a big deal to integrate a new partner into your life, your close circle and your loved one, so if he’s gone beyond the initial introduction and including you in his social life with people who are meaningful, then it’s very likely love, or on it’s way to love.

5. He values your opinion

He seeks your opinion on matters that are personal and values the opinion you share. In a true partnership, both partners will value one another’s perspectives, wisdom and opinions. If he is doing this, then you’re in his heart and mind.

6. He makes an effort

He’s romantic with you – which doesn’t necessarily mean chocolates, cuddles and flowers, but rather means he makes the effort and time to find out what’s meaningful to you as a woman to be desired and adored, and then does that with his own thought and flair. And to top it all off, he tells you he loves you.

7. He’s interested in knowing everything about you

He wants to know everything about you, wants to meet your family, get to know your friends, and is deeply interested in your life, thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams. If he’s really falling in love with you, he will be intensely interested in everything about you and your world.

8. He Makes Plans for the Future

Men that are in love start having the same dreams about the future that women do, they just sometimes take longer to talk to you about it. If your guy is making long term plans that include you, such as taking a vacation together next year, or if he starts joking about what the two of you will look like in 30 years, then you know your guy is truly in love.

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