8 Kinds Of Fish You Shouldn’t Eat

8 Kinds Of Fish You Shouldn’t Eat

Everyone knows that fish is a nutritious and delicious food and should be part of our diet. However, not all fish are equal – while some are beneficial to our health, others can harm it. Here are 9 popular types of fish that you should not eat:

1. Imported catfish

It can be grown on a large scale so fish farmers feed them hormones. That’s why it’s dangerous to always buy wild caught catfish.

2. Mackerel

Mackerel is full of mercury, a heavy metal that can cause serious illness if not removed from the body. If you are willing to eat mackerel, make sure it is the Atlantic variety which contains low levels of the toxin.

3. Tuna

Tuna is my favorite and a favorite of millions of people, but this fish is packed with mercury, especially the blackfin and bluefin variety.

Wild tuna is very healthy but too expensive and rare.

Since almost all tuna come from farms and are fed with hormones and antibiotics try to avoid eating this delicious fish.

4. Tilapia

Tilapia is definitely among the most dangerous fish sold in the market. It is full of harmful fats and is also high in lard, which can raise your cholesterol levels and make you more sensitive to allergens.

5. Eel

Eels are full of fats, industrial and agricultural waste. American eel contains the highest level of intoxication. The European variety is high in mercury.

6. Tilefish

Tilefish contains the highest levels of mercury of any fish and significantly increases the risk of food poisoning when eaten.

7. Sea bass

Like bluegill and tuna, sea bass contains a high level of mercury. It also resembles pangasius, so when you order sea bass fillets, you can get much cheaper fish.

8 Dollarfish

Dollarfish contains gempylotoxin which causes indigestion.

If you love to eat this fish, try grilling or frying it. This way you will reduce the levels of the toxin.

How to choose fresh fish?

You can easily tell fresh fish from bad fish from the shiny scales and clear eyes. Just take a piece in your hands and check the tail – if the fish is spoiled, the tail will be lowered. Gray grids and dry fins also indicate that the fish is bad.

When buying live fish, you should get them from an aquarium with clear water and catch the fish near the bottom. If you enjoy fishing, make sure you fish in waters that are not contaminated with mercury.

Many people love salmon, but are not even aware of the quality of the salmon fillets served in front of them. The piece of salmon you ordered should have white chunks and fillets. If the flesh has bright spots on the skin, the fish was caught during spawning season and will not taste very good.

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