7 Undeniable Reasons Why Women ¢hєαt on their Partner

7 Undeniable Reasons Why Women ¢hєαt on Their Partner

Statistics show that more #women than ever are chєαting on their partners, and I’ve always wondered why. There has always been that group of men desperate for action with anyone, but women have always been so proud and honest and loving, and chєαting just doesn’t fit that mold, so the growing popularity has ever foxed me. Why do women stray!? I’ve been doing some research, and the reasons may not be what you think….

1. Revenge

This reason may come as a surprise to you. Yes, there are women who chєαt purely for revenge. These women may have had a bad past and may have been chєαted on, leaving them filled with anger and revenge. And their way of overcoming this pain is by chєαting. Doing the exact same thing their partner did gives them a sense of satisfaction and sadistic pleasure. Well, we know that chєαting is not the solution to pain and low self-esteem. But, there are women who believe in doing it.

2. Feeling neglected

They feel undervalued, neglected, or ignored. They feel more like a housekeeper, nanny, or financial provider than a wife or girlfriend. Thus, they seek an external situation that validates them for who they are, rather than the services they provide.

3. Jealousy

Have you ever been with a #man who is so sexy that no woman can help herself around him? Whether it’s a suggestive smile or sending him a drink, he never seems to be able to escape the admiring crowds, and it can make him feel insecure, especially if he feels like a mean Jane next to you, which is why women with gorgeous husbands boost their confidence by taking another man to bed. It shows that they are also a head turner and makes them feel much more confident, but remember, it can leave your relationship in tatters, and it won’t solve the jealousy problem.

4. Replacement

A surprising number of women admitted to chєαting to find their next partner so they wouldn’t be single when they left their current #partner. Shocked? I was! After all, chєαting on your partner can’t make you attractive to potential #boyfriends, right? Well, it seems to be happening more and more. I can’t get along with this one. If you want to go out, go, and if it’s essential to replace him with a new man quickly, throw yourself into blind dates, speed dating, and nights out. But be honest!

5. Change

Change can drive a #woman to seek an affair. From the obvious, like having a baby, to simple things like moving house, an affair will make her feel sexy and attractive and give her life some substance…. until it ends that way. Grab a babysitter, book a night out, and make a real effort for your #partner. Try a wig and a new name. Create the same effect, but get your Mr. Right involved, or you might lose him!

6. Warning

Some women #chєαt as a last warning to their men, namely if they refuse to do something, or make a change. It’s almost a childish “if you don’t do what I want, I’m leaving” action, but most of the #time, it’s out of desperation, not spite. Talk to him, tell him how you feel, and that you are about to quit. Communication is vital to a successful relationship. Assess his reaction…if he doesn’t care, leave.

7. Unhappiness

For #men, sex is a vital part of relationships. Women understand this. Some of us also think sex is essential, but even if we don’t, we know that men need it. So when we don’t have it, we know something is up. The survey found that women whose sex life had declined felt that their partners no longer loved them, or found them sexually attractive. Trick to finding a man who loves you, and seeking comfort in your

Well, the survey results certainly opened my #eyes a bit. I had never considered all the reasons why #women might chєαt. I still think there is a better option most of the #time, but that makes some cases understandable. Just remember what you have to lose!

Have you ever chєαted, or know another reason why women can #chєαt? Please let me know!

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