7 Things Your Man Does Subconsciously When He Is Falling In Love With You

Love is a beautiful emotion and we all would attest to that. As it implies a level of devotion and dedication towards the other person and a desire to go beyond the physical and into the emotional, love becomes more special. When you are in love, nothing is sweet sailing. The main reason for that is, the trust can be easily broken and never be fully repaired. Always the hardest to deal with is the initiation into the process.

If you are in love, how do you know that, and what are the signs? What would give it away and how do you know that the other person is in love with you?

As we all know human emotions are always displayed by human actions. Someone’s daily activities can depict the expression of love, disgust, awe, lust, and all others. As it is so transparent, it wouldn’t even take a trained eye to notice that.

Most of us have no idea when someone is in love with us. It needs our friends to literally force our eyes into their direction, at which they quickly remove their gaze, albeit blushingly.

Here are 7 things that he does subconsciously when he is falling in love with you

1. He looks right at you whenever he laughs.

Psychologists have concluded that whenever human beings are caught in fits of laughter, one’s eyes will always tend to veer towards the person they are most comfortable with. And so if you find that his eyes wander towards your when he’s laughing, that’s always a good sign.

2. He utters your name out loud

It is uncommon for them to use your name while in a conversation when someone is speaking to you. You don’t really need to mention the listener’s name, for they are hanging on to your word, under the rules of speech. And for what reason they utter your name out loud.

That can be happens as your name sounds pleasant to them and as they want to be more familiar with it. Maybe they like how it drops on their tongue. The most important fact could be because there is an onrush of emotions that swivel along with the name at the moment they mention your name by making it sound different than any other person saying it loudly the

3. His lips relax and part whenever you make eye contact.

This is another interesting thing that a person does whenever they are around someone they are falling with. The facial muscles immediately relax and so the lips will tenderly part to reveal a slight opening of the mouth.

4. Playing with his hair

This is for both men and women. He will tend to play with or fiddle with his hair when he has feelings for you or to put it simply when he is crushing on you. It happens as he really nervous before you. According to psychology, this action is him trying to divert your attention from his face to his hair. So, you can try and relax him a bit.

5. His eyebrows go up higher whenever you’re talking.

Again, this is a subconscious maneuver. He just likes what he sees in you, and he has to open his eyes just a little bit wider to get a better look.

5. You catch him looking at you whenever he thinks you’re looking away.

He just can’t help but look at you. And he tries to do it in a way that doesn’t seem creepy. He doesn’t want to be too forward and so he will try to only look at you whenever he thinks you’re not looking.

6. Always finds a way to talk to you

Even though he’s immensely busy, he would anyway find a time to speak to you at least once a day. He would always keep you in his mind and what you mean to him. He would get your number from someone and text you even if he is swamped and has no idea what your number is and if he feels that deeply about you. He would surely want to hear your voice once before he sleeps.

7. He teases you in a playful manner.

There’s a reason why men tend to tease the women that they are into. It’s because when you tease another person, then you are establishing a sense of realness and intimacy with that person. You are establishing a sense of endearment.

He wants to make you feel like you can be your raw and flawed self with him – and that he wouldn’t take your flaws so seriously.

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