7 Things Your Man Could Say Which Mean I Don’t Love You

7 Things Your Man Could Say Which Mean I Don’t Love You

There are few things harder than the end of a relationship. It can also be difficult to maintain a relationship that is doomed. There are a few things you can look out for that can signal the end of the relationship. These red flags can also show that your partner is not as committed or serious as you are.

1. “I shouldn’t have to explain everything to you.”

You should be with someone who is kind and patient. A person who loves you will want to explain everything to you. If your partner cannot talk patiently with you, then he is probably not committed to being with you.

2. “I don’t care. Do what you want.”

If someone doesn’t care what you are doing, then they are no longer interested in you. It’s better to have a disagreement than someone who doesn’t care. At least a disagreement shows that they have an opinion about what you are doing. There is room to grow from this. Disinterest usually means there is a foot out the door.

3. “Your problems are not my problems.”

Someone who loves you will want to help you through any challenges. So someone who says he’s on his own doesn’t really care about you. Your defeats and triumphs should both belong with you. If he distances himself because you have problems, he doesn’t deserve to be around you when you’re doing well.

4. “You’re overthinking it.”

You want a partner who will be patient with you, and they will support your thought process. If they say you’re overthinking, they won’t allow you to state your true feelings. You need someone who will allow you to express your emotions. If your partner is no longer interested in your thoughts, they don’t care about you.

5. “Find someone else if this is not what you want.”

If your man asks you to find someone else, they don’t care if you leave. They don’t value him enough to work on their relationship with you. Remember, someone who really loves you will compromise and change with you. As a couple, you should evolve together… not criticize and hold each other back.

6. “I don’t trust you”.

Having a relationship, means that you trust your partner. So, if your partner doesn’t trust you, then you are going to have problems. There are many things you will have to go through together as a couple, most of them require trust. You deserve to be with someone who trusts you, because you will trust them.

7. “I don’t love you.”

This is probably the easiest way to determine that your partner no longer loves you. It takes a lot for someone to tell you that they no longer love you. So you should consider yourself lucky that you no longer have to question it. This may be one of the most painful phrases to hear, but it’s better to know the truth. You deserve better, than to be with someone who doesn’t love you.

It takes two people to commit to a relationship, and you deserve the love back that you are putting into it. So make sure you communicate with your partner, and watch out for these red flags.


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