7 Things You Should Never Do Before M.a.king Love

7 Things You Should Never Do Before M.a.king Love

Before you make love to your partner, be you a man or a woman, there are certain things that you should avoid doing because of the negative effect it might have on both parties. It should always bear in mind that some certain pre-intercourse habits and mistakes may leave you and your partner in a state of regret.

Thus, this article contains seven such habits that you shouldn’t do before making love with your partner. Check them out below;

1. While we’re fixated on the subject of food, indulging in a heavy meal isn’t the greatest idea either.

Do you have a five course dinner before hitting the cycle? Do you chug down an ice cream sundae prior to a visit to the gym? Foods can slow you down, especially carbs, fats and sugars. It’s why a meal can make you drowsy or lethargic. While it’s not always easy to arrange, if you want to be at — ahem — full attention, eat a smaller meal beforehand.

2. Don’t Eat Super Spicy Foods Or A Meal High In Fat.

Foods like chocolate, oysters and strawberries get mad props for enhancing the mood. But it’s surprising how little conversation we have about foods that can do the exact opposite. Spicy food can impact vaginal taste and odor. Certain foods can cause bad breath, bloating and gas. Make sure all parties wash their hands and wash out their mouths after a spicy meal thoroughly as residue has been known to set g.e.n.i.t.a.l.s afire.

3. It may sound $exy as all get-out to use food during closeness,

but you increase the risk of yeast infections when you apply any sugar-based product to your sensitive areas. Yeast and sugar love one another and when you use products like chocolate and whipped cream as lubricants, you increase the possibility of post-contact yeast infections. So while it can be fun, clean up before you start interlocking parts.

4. Avoid Shaving or waxing before love.m.a.king.

Due to the belief that the pubic hair could breed an unpleasant smell and because some people do find it disgusting, people tend to shave or use wax to remove the hair in that region. But since being ‘clean’ in that region is seen as a good hygienic practice, experts have advised that it is advisable not to shave before making love, simply because shaving or waxing tends to open up the small pores in the skin and while the s.e.x.u.a.l activity is ongoing, body contact could lead to infection, or rashes, which could multiply in little time because the place is usually warm and so germs and bacteria could multiply there quickly.

5. Using an electric toothbrush

While brushing your teeth before jumping in the sack is a courteous gesture, don’t use an electric toothbrush or alcohol-based mouthwash. Studies have shown spinning bristles will create minuscule tears in the gums. Alcohol in mouthwashes can dry out and irritate mucosa. Both these conditions enhance the possibility of STDs.

6. Drinking too much

Sure, light drinking can put some people in the mood, but overdoing it can dull your senses – and may send your big O packing.

But alcohol is more of a depressant and is more likely to diminish sensation or it just might put you in a deep sleep before the action gets started. A study at the University of Missouri-St. Louis showed both men and women who indulge in light drinking beforehand experienced difficulty enjoying the moment, let alone achieving o.r.g.a.s.m.

7. Stay away from antihistamines if you’re expecting to get busy.

Feeling stuffy? You may want to hold off on taking cough and cold meds if you’re planning to get busy later. While antihistamines help dry up runny noses, that’s not the only thing that’s going to dry up.

Unfortunately, they can also dry out other critical parts of the body. That’s right, that part. And no matter how much you want to, the one part that needs to go along may not. Sufficient lube might help, but it may not.

Physical contact is important to any relationship, but good connection in bedroom is essential to our physical and mental well-being. There is no better way to relieve stress. Love-m.a.k.ing also produces estrogen, regulates cycles and delays the symptoms of menopause. It rejuvenates the body, promoting flexibility and strengthening of the metabolic and immune systems.

Like we needed reasons to make more love. But since you are going to, let’s always get it right. While you can’t make every encounter pure magic, you can increase the odds, especially if you take our seven tips above into account.


Source:ng.opera.news, mesmerizingwords.com

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