7 Things That Smart People Don’t Do

7 Things That Smart People Don’t Do

What do you think when someone is called smart? You probably have an image of an educated and intelligent person in your mind. But being smart is something more than answering the questions right and getting good grades in school. Smart people are often creative, compassionate, grateful and humble. They know that they are capable of doing great things and they definitely don’t do the following ones.

1. Pretending to have all the answers
Smart people keep learning their entire lives and will never stop. They will never assume they know all the answers because they are aware there is always something new they can learn. They will always welcome curiosity and reason in their lives.

2. Letting their inner voice run their lives
Smart people know how to silence their inner voice, the one that runs commentary when you someone is speaking to you. This voice pops up when you are forming opinions and judgments before you get the necessary information. This voice often keeps you from appreciating the things others are telling you. Smart people know how to focus more on the person who is speaking than on what their brain has to say.

3. Letting previous failures dictate their current state
Smart people consider failure as a chance to grow. A lot of people give too much importance to past making them unable to move on and achieve more. Smart people let past be the past and they see failures as a way of growing and improving.

4. Being concerned about what others think
Smart people know that negativity from others can influence their happiness. There are lots of cynical people out there which smart people choose to ignore and would rather spend time with those who share their ideals and values.

5. Focusing on the negative
Smart people have full control of their thoughts and they decide what they will focus on. They know that they can achieve whatever their minds conceive. They know there is much more to life if they let wonder, love and creativity inside.

6. Worrying about things they can’t control
Smart people are well aware that they can’t control everything in life and there will always be unpleasant things around us such as traffic, mean people or illnesses. Instead, they focus on how they respond to circumstances which is something they have control on.

7. Taking things for granted
Smart people always appreciate what life gives them. They value the gift of life and every moment it brings. A smart person knows that a simple smile can be powerful enough to change someone’s day.

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