7 Things That Make Guys Feel Insecure In A Relationship

What makes men feel insecure in a relationship

It is true that no relationship is perfect and there are bound to be some hiccups along the way. In fact, both men and women have their flaws and it takes effort and understanding to make it work. Both men and women have some insecurities regarding the relationship which often take a bigger and messier shape, if not addressed.

While women struggle with emotional transparency and healthy communication in a relationship, men have their own insecurities to fight. It might not have to do with his partner earning more (it’s a thing of the past), there are some things that still affect men and make them insecure.

Here are seven common things make men feel insecure.

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1. When their girlfriend/wife pays compliment to another man

If their partner compliments any other guy’s look/success, it makes most men feel out of line. He won’t let that go out of his mind for a long time. But guys, that’s okay. If your partner genuinely compliments another man, it shouldn’t make you feel inferior. Accept it as a kind gesture made towards the other person. It’s that simple.

2. S.e.x.u.a.l ability

Being lousy in s.e.x surely is the worst thing that makes men insecure. Men constantly worry about their s.e.x.u.a.l performance. Ease off, guys. You don’t have to be a dynamo. Forge a secure attachment with your partner that grows over time because most women seek an emotional connection even during physical intimacy. Instead of making assumptions, ask your partner about her treasured moments and you are good to go.

3. Being cheated on before

When he falls in love again just after an ugly break-up, he might still feel intimidated by the bitter experience of the past. As a result, he might develop a generalised idea and later start validating their misconceptions. Guys, you need to take it easy, don’t beat yourself up too much for what happened in the past. We cannot hold onto the damage of our past relationship and punish our current partners. Not all women are the same.

4. Girlfriend/wife’s ex-partner

Even if a guy says that he has the least problem with you being friends with your ex, do not believe him. Most men end up subconsciously comparing himself to the ex-partner of his girlfriend or wife. But guys, if your partner is in touch with her ex, it does not mean she is still in love with him.

5. Presence of male friends

Presence of male friends is also a factor that makes a man feel insecure. As a woman, if you spend a considerable amount of time with your guy friends or talk to them often, be very honest about it. Lying about it will only give your boyfriend reasons enough to doubt you. It will be always in the back of his mind, that you might break up with him for a better guy. So, having male friends isn’t wrong but lying about them can make a boyfriend feel insecure in a relationship.

6. When you are too secretive

Are are an introvert or someone who fear attachment and doesn’t want to get too close? Then ou might have a reason to worry. Your behaviour can make your guy feel like you’re hiding something. What most men do not realise is that a girl need to feel secure and ready before she introduces her man to her inner circle.

7. When his girlfriend is more successful than him

In the modern world, women are trying to change the game by emerging successful in all fields. but men are still subdued insecurity about women getting ahead of them. The age-old norms of chauvinism and patriarchy have formulated the idea that women are not built to be more successful than men. To support this, a study done by a group of researchers in the US has found that husbands grow increasingly insecure of their wives earn more than 40 per cent of the total household income.

Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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