7 Sure Signs Someone Is Secretly Jealous Of You

Jealousy is a very natural human feeling. It’s okay to feel jealous and let it settle rather than avoiding it. Pretending to be not jealous when you are, is only going to increase its intensity. Therefore, embracing the humane follies in us is the sensible thing to do. In addition, identifying if a person is jealous of you is also important. You never know to what extent someone’s jealousy might affect you personally and professionally. Here are 7 sures signs that someone is secretly jealous of you.


1. F-a-k-e Praise

A jealous person will not have any problems giving you compliments, but once you leave their sight, they will turn their back on you and put you down to their peers. They probably do not like confrontation, so they will never tell you to their face that they are jealous, instead, they will pretend like they are proud of you. So just keep your ears open!

2. They’re Happy When You Fail

Because they hate when you have success, it is only natural that jealous people will be thrilled to watch you fail at something. They will never say it to your face, but deep inside they are enjoying it. In my opinion, it doesn’t make much sense. If you are trying to replicate someone so you can have the same success as them, wouldn’t you be disappointed when they fail, since what you are essentially copying didn’t work?

3. Brag About Their Success

They are the total opposite once they achieve any success. They will do everything in their power to flaunt their success, especially while you are celebrating yours. The reason behind it is that they get a sense that you are more important than they are, so they have to try and keep up.

4. Moderate Your Success

The second you achieve any success, someone who is jealous will always try and downplay it. They will do everything in their power to try and prove that it is not a big deal. The reason they do this is that they do not have this type of success to fall back on, so the only way they will get any satisfaction is to convince others that it’s not important.

5. They Imitate You

Take it as a sign of flattery, someone who is jealous of you will often try and do everything you do. They will walk the same way you do, try and dress the same way, they may even go as far as trying to talk the same way as well. This could get annoying at times, but the best thing to do is accept it. They obviously think that the way you go about your life is a successful way, so embrace it.

6. They’re Very Competitive

Psychologist Melanie Greenberg states that jealous individuals will either be arrogant or insecure and will want to prove that they are superior to others. So this leads to them being very competitive. You might be thinking that a competitive edge is healthy, and you would be right if the outcome was a friendly win. But a jealous person is out to embarrass people and brag, and there is nothing worse than a “bad winner.”

7. They Love to Gossip

As I mentioned earlier, jealous people will often pretend they are proud of you, but the second you leave, they will be running their mouth to anyone that will listen. They will try and target people that you have a good rapport with because those people respect you and they wish they had that same respect. So they will try and ruin it with negative comments about you which could include false rumors.

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