7 Signs That Your Partner Loves You A Lot More Than You Think

Though you might think you have your relationship all figured out, it’s definitely possible that your partner might love you more than you think they do. If you think that there’s something off in your relationship or you think that they don’t love you as much as you love them, for instance, it might be because of misinterpretations and miscommunication.

If you feel like the two of you aren’t connecting in the same way or you can’t put your finger on what’s going on, there’s something you might need to know. There are certainly a few signs to look out for in your partner and they are:

1. They are protective of you
They don’t get jealous of your friends, but instead, they make sure you are safe. Your safety and protection is their priority. If you don’t have a ride home, either they will drop you back or arrange one for you if they can’t make it. No matter what, their unconditional love also manifests as their need to ensure you are safe and sound.

2. They are always chivalrous
When you are loved unconditionally, time does not matter. It does not matter if you two have been together for years. Your partner will still go out of the way to ensure you are happy and comfortable. They will still pull out a chair for you or hold the door. Someone an expert in this matter said: “It’s the willingness to give love, affection, and admiration with openness, acceptance, and appreciation.”

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3. You can trust them with your secrets
You don’t share secrets with just anyone, even in a relationship. It takes a certain degree of trust between the two to be able to trust each other with secrets. They have to prove themselves trustworthy enough. Sharing secrets, even the most embarrassing ones, is a clear sign of unconditional love. Furthermore, when they tell you their embarrassing stories, you don’t laugh or make fun but accept them as they are.

4. You make them proud and they are happy to express it
When someone loves you unconditionally, they will take pride in each of your accomplishments, whether big or small. Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., a professor at Oakland University and author says, “When people feel recognized as special and appreciated, they’re happier in that relationship and more motivated to make the relationship better and stronger.”

5. There are disagreements but the two of you compromise
Disagreements and fights are quite inevitable, no matter how happy the relationship. But if there is unconditional love, you do not let any disagreement become a resentment for life. You two communicate and clarify the differences. You two do not allow an argument to cause a contention in your relationship.

6. They are emotionally vulnerable in front of you
It takes a lot of courage and trust to open up to someone. When you make yourself emotionally available, you are actually entrusting them with your emotional safety. It is a big safekeeping. Fensterheim further adds: “Showing unconditional love means being vulnerable, authentic and honest. Trusting each other enough to show all of yourself to your partner. To be their safe haven, the one person in all the world that they can be raw with, to invest all of their trust and hope in”.

7. They want to grow old with you
If your partner sees a future with you, you will know it by the way their eyes glow when you two share jokes about a life in the future. Read what dating coach Patrick Banks has to say in this regard: “Do you remember that little tingle you felt in your stomach the first time you saw your significant other? The great thing about being in a relationship that’s meant to last is that this feeling only gets stronger over time. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for two years or twenty, when you’re with the person you’re meant to grow old with, you want them as badly each day as you did on the first.”

Unconditional love isn’t unhealthy. It is probably one of the healthiest relationships. It is a relationship which supports independent growth along with your mutual progress. If you can identify these 7 attitudes in your partner, you keep them close, always and forever!

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