7 Signs Reveal That Your Partner is Sleeping with Someone else

7 Signs Reveal That Your Partner is Sleeping with Someone else

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You can sense when someone is changing on you, and there are so many ways to find out if your partner is sleeping with someone else. When your partner is cheating, we can easily pick up the signs from new cell phone numbers that are calling late at night to a woman’s perfume on their clothes.

BUT, what if your partner is sleeping with someone else? There are no obvious signs to solve this mystery. This article will provide the signs to look out for if you are suspicious of your man.

1. Making love is no longer exciting

You know how excited your partner gets when the two of you are alone. Well, at the beginning of a relationship the couple feels all touchy-feely, but as time goes on, it’s normal for them to drift apart a bit.

Usually when the draw is not really mutual or it is just your partner’s problem. That could be the sign that they are lucky with someone else.

2. It’s no longer fun to be around you

If spending time together is no longer fun, they don’t pay attention to you when you’re talking. When the lack of interest extends beyond the bedroom, that’s a problem.

3. Long Communication Delays

Communication delays is another sign because cheaters need some extra time to come up with excuses and lies that make sense.

4. They come home late from work

In case your partner normally comes home at a specific time, and suddenly they start staying out late instead of coming home, this is a sign that there is something keeping you out.

There is a 90% chance that it is someone of the opposite sex. This should be checked out before your partner starts having an affair with someone else.

5. They suddenly carry a second phone

Suddenly they have a second phone. Yes, it is logical for someone to carry a second phone for work and related business. BUT if the second phone is protected with passwords and patterns, they never leave it lying around. It is a sign.

6. You are feeling ignored

Most of the time, our instincts don’t lie to us. When we feel that we are being ignored by someone, we are most likely right for either good or bad reasons.

This sudden feeling of being ignored most often occurs simultaneously with your partner giving your attention to a completely different person. Most often someone of the opposite sex to your partner.

7. No more direct answers

Answers now leave you more confused than before you asked the question. When your partner goes from being completely transparent to being unconventional and cautious, it is presumably a sign that you have something you are hiding.

A question that requires a direct answer such as “how was your day” will lead to the answers seeming like abstract algebra. This is a sign that your partner is probably seeing someone else.

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