7 Reasons Why Crying Means You’re Strong

7 Reasons Why Crying Means You’re Strong

1. Tears help you to let go and move on.

Pretending that everything is fine doesn’t solve anything, and all it does is lead to a wealth of repressed emotions. A good cry is a great way to release the need to hold onto something that is no longer serving you. Carrying emotional baggage can affect your mental health, so cry it out and let it out.

2. It makes your mind more resilient

There are times when we hold back our tears, but when we cry, we acknowledge our feelings and emotions without repressing them. This means that we are better used to facing what makes us feel bad than simply sweeping it under the rug. Facing our fears and emotions will inevitably make us more resilient in general, whereas ignoring our feelings will just drive them into our subconscious – where they can wreak havoc after a while.

3. Tears help release high levels of stress.

Tears are a kind of catharsis that help us discharge our accumulated stress, tensions, frustrations, and negative feelings. When we are stressed, our body is too, and crying helps us to relax and thus be better prepared to face daily life.

4. Tears help us process grief and loss.

Losing someone or something that is important is tragic. It is a feeling that envelops you to the point that the only relief comes through tears and a good hug from a close friend.

We often hold back our tears to make it easier for others, but that is not the best approach for us. Don’t pretend to be strong just to make others feel more comfortable.

Instead, focus on what you need to get through this moment. Crying can be comforting, and your tears become your best friend as you work through your loss.

5. Crying makes you feel good

After a release of emotions in tears it is hard not to feel better and lighter, as if those feelings are literally weighing down on you. There are many studies that show that crying actually helps us feel good. This is mainly because when we cry, our brain releases endorphins – which in turn leads to an overall feeling of well-being and calmness.

6. Tears are a sign of strength.

Crying is a sign of strength, regardless of what society says. It takes strength to show vulnerability. So stop worrying about what others think and cry if you want to.

Those who have no problem with crying in public, when justified, don’t worry about how other people might judge them for doing so. This is because they know that there is nothing wrong with crying, and if someone has a problem with it, it is their problem. So those who can cry in public without shame are inherently more confident and don’t need to repress their feelings to fulfill a superficial social norm.

In addition, it makes you physically healthier

While this may not be a generalization without exceptions, it is true that shedding tears helps us release toxins – and kills about 90% of eye bacteria within minutes as well. Moreover, a healthy mind certainly helps maintain a healthy body, and it’s hard to deny that crying hits the former, thus promoting the latter.

Of course, crying doesn’t by itself solve all problems – something that mentally strong people are perfectly aware of – but it can make us feel good enough to face these problems head on, with more strength and determination than we would otherwise be able to have.

Source:powerofpositivity.com, culturacolectiva.com

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