7 Popular Food Combinations That Can Ruin Your Health

Do you often have problems in digesting a meal? If you have ever wondered about the reason, it is probably because you eat foods that should never be combined. This causes problems in digestion which sets in motion a sort of chain reaction. You probably have painful gas, heartburn, and an upset stomach. As if that was not bad enough, you are not getting the full benefits of proper nutrition because of the faulty digestion.

Here are 7 food combinations to avoid like the plague. Your health will benefit a lot.

1. Sandwich + Coffee

Breakfast is usually the fastest meal of the day. Almost no one invests more than 10 minutes into this meal. That is why we often keep it simple. One of the more popular breakfast combinations is a sandwich and coffee. However, this is not a good combo. Those carbs you take from bread make it impossible for your body to process any calcium. And, if you add coffee you lose all the benefits of that meal. That is why it is much better for you to replace that coffee with tea, water, or some fruit juice.

2. Potato + Meat

Who can resist a steak with fries? Unfortunately, this is a very heavy food combination. The starch contained in potatoes demands alkalotic digestive fluids, and the proteins from meat demand acidic ones. When together, they just get stuck inside your stomach and can bring such disorders as heartburn, belching, gas, and many others.

Tip: As a side dish to meat, choose nonstarchy vegetables – asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, or zucchini.

3. Tomatoes + Cucumbers

This combination is worldwide popular. However, this combo disturbs the biochemical pathways of your body. This can lead to bloating and it will mess with the vitamins you should get from both vegetables.

This is why you should eat these two vegetables separately. Eat some tomato today, and leave that cucumber for tomorrow (and vice versa).

4. Pasta + Minced Meat

Pasta transforms into simple sugars, once it enters your digestive tract. When you combine those simple sugars with proteins from meat, you create a dangerous mixture that can lead to diabetes and CVDs. You should eat pasta made of durum wheat and you can combine it with some herbs.

5. Beer + Nuts

This is one of the most popular combinations from our college days. Everyone loves to eat salty nuts when drinking beer. However, high-salt foods are not only unhealthy by themselves but also lead to dehydration and increase the likelihood of having another pint of beer.

Tip: When drinking any alcohol, keep water or soda at hand to avoid dehydration.

6. Dairy + Pineapple

Sour fruits make your digestion work slower, especially in the morning. Besides, pineapple contains bromelain, an enzymic complex which can cause intoxication when combined with dairy products.

Tip: Add dry apricots or plums instead of pineapple.

7. Milk + Banana

This is a very easy male to prepare. However, sweet fruits and milk don’t go together. Both foods are healthy, but only if consumed separately.

Bananas should be used as snacks in between larger meals.

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