7 lies almost every woman tells their partner in a relationship

There are times that lying is necessary especially if it means protecting someone else’s feelings or saving themselves. It doesn’t matter whether it is a white lie or a total deceit, being untruthful in between couples is definitely a detrimental factor that will affect their relationship. Both have the capability to lie towards their other half, for whatever the reason is, it may not be the same.

Here are the 7 common lies of women in relationships

1. She’s ok with your friends being around all the time

If she has told you this lie already, don’t expect her to continue to keep up with your friends being around always. The truth is no matter how great and nice your friends are, your woman doesn’t want them around all the time. Having your friends around all the time won’t go down well with her irrespective of what she says. Try to keep visits from your friends to a minimum.

2. Number of people she’s been with in bed

It is more likely that both of you had several s-e-x-u-a-l partners. Despite knowing that this is true, you would feel uncomfortable at the marks of those numbers. That is why she may lie regarding s-ex-u-a-l history if questioned. Naturally, accepting each other’s past is necessary, and if someone’s going to judge you based on those numbers, then it’s time to go on separate ways.

3. ”I’m Fine” but she meant it the other way around

“I’m fine” is the single most common lie told by women to men. A women might be really angry with her man or about something and still tell her man that she’s fine. The thing with women is that they just expect the man to figure out what the problem really is.

4. The s*x was great

It’s hard for most women to be frank about s*x especially when it isn’t really good with you. So just because she said s*x with you was great doesn’t really mean she meant it. Rely on her body language instead.

5. Her pricey expenses

No matter who earns more, money is always a part of an issue. It is possible that women are tempted to hide the truth on how much is the real cost of her new clothes, her expensive perfume collection or buying the most expensive chocolates in the world. When the topic is about money, always be true.

6. She’s ok with you being friends with your ex

Most women will claim to be okay with their man being friends with his ex but the truth is they really aren’t okay with the idea. Just because she says she’s cool with you hanging out and texting your ex doesn’t mean you should do that because she isn’t really cool with it.

7. She won’t change anything about you

You are better off not believing this lie. There are probably many things about you that she’d like to change but she just haven’t figured them out because your relationship is in the “honeymoon” phase during which you seem absolutely perfect. Sooner or later, she will figure out there are certain things about you that needs to be changed so enjoy the lie of she not changing anything about you while it last.

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