7 Dominant Mistakes In Relationships That Always Lead To Breakup

Relationships require a lot of dedication. The moment you decide to make things official you sign up for a whole new experience.

While in relationships, you learn so many virtues through your interaction. You can learn to be more patient by the way you handle disagreements or even learn to be more accommodating of differences when you start living with them.

At the same time, there is no denying the high rate at which couples are breaking up these days.

We see many people barely passing the one year mark and this means that there are many underlying mistakes which make or break a relationship.

Here Are 7 Dominant Mistakes In Relationships That Always Lead To Breakup

1. Don’t expect your lover to change because you want them to

You did not make a robot. Humans are born differently from each other and, when you fall in love, you tend to have a fantasy image of them, a wrong impression of them. You fall into a notion of thinking they are too perfect, which is why when they tend to do a mistake or two and don’t do things your way, you get angry and ask them to compromise for the sake of you.

You do not realize the magnitude of your request. Asking a person to change what has been embedded into them since birth never works out perfectly. If you are unable to cope with the way they are, leave them. If you really love them, accept their flaw and work your way around it instead.

2. Never allow a third person to interfere in the relationship

This is a common act by couples and they think it will solve a problem but tell me this; when someone does not know the nature of your relationship, how will they be able to help you? It is a desperate attempt when everything is falling apart but, it hardly works in bringing two people back together again, but instead it drives them apart with their secrets out in the world. It can actually make everything worse off instead. Spare yourself the trouble and work your way around talking to your partner yourself instead.

3. You always feel the need to be right when there is an argument

It is common for couples to fight. No one stays happy. But there is a difference in getting your point across and trying to understand their point of view from wanting to prove yourself right. For a relationship, it is very important to have that sort of patience because otherwise it is nothing but your ego talking. It is very important to present your point of view in a mature manner and come up with a meaningful and authentic solution.

4. Not owning up to your mistakes

Most couples do mistakes, small and big. Then and there, the only thing that keeps them going is honesty. Accepting and owning up to your mistakes is an honest, mature way to go about it instead of being stubborn and feeling that you have to be right all the time. Learn to say sorry and get off that cold mountain of ego.

5. Never ignore your emotional and physical needs or your partners

It is very important to be aware of that when you begin ignoring the needs of your lover. He/she will not feel like they have to respond in a loving manner either which will make them look elsewhere. It is a common human trait and love requires attention, so you better get to it or watch your relationship fall apart.

6. Lack of communication

This is one thing that develops mistrust among couples. It is a foundation on which successful relationships thrive. You may feel like you are sparing them the pain of going through dramatic talks but keeping it all in and expecting them to understand you is a weird thing to expect from anyone.

7. You don’t allow yourself personal time and space

Many relationships start off with partners being clingy with each other and they end up quickly. The reason is the lack of personal space they provide each other. You should be able to grow without your partners presence and help, otherwise emotional dependency will always put you down.

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