7 Body Parts We All Forget to Wash Often Enough (And You Should)

7 Body Parts We All Forget to Wash Often Enough (And You Should)

1. Your scalp

While you don’t need to wash your hair every day, it’s important to scrub and massage your scalp daily to prevent the buildup of dead skin cells that mites and bacteria thrive on.
Gently massage your head with water to get rid of dandruff and dead skin cells and to improve blood circulation.

2. Your back

It’s not enough to wet your back with water in the shower. You should invest in a back scrub or have your partner wash your back with an exfoliating bath sponge, loofah or washcloth at least two to three times a week to reduce the risk of developing skin and soft tissue infections.

3. Under your nails

When you wash your hands, if you don’t clean under your fingernails, you’re only doing half the job, because it’s under your fingernails where fecal bacteria can settle. To clean under your nails, use a cotton swab dipped in soapy water or disinfectant and clean it properly. Trimming your nails can also help prevent dirt from building up.

4. Behind the ears

This is the area where the sebaceous glands that secrete sebum are located. Sebum is the perfect hiding place for bacteria. It is therefore important to wash the back of the ears daily. You can also take a cloth soaked in warm water and rub it behind the ears to clean the area.

5. Your belly button

The belly button is a hot area, with nooks and crannies, making it a great place for bacteria to hide. Use a cotton ball dipped in soapy water or alcohol to clean the area. If your belly button is pierced, it’s even more important to clean it regularly.

6. Your tongue

Most of us often think of dental hygiene as cleaning our teeth and gums. Some people think that using a mouthwash is enough to clean the tongue, which is not true. The tongue has ridges and bumps where bacteria can easily hide. This not only leads to bad breath but also to tooth decay. Therefore, it is important to clean the tongue every day with a tongue scraper.

7. The back of the neck

If you have long hair, the back of your neck can be hot and humid, making it a perfect place for bacteria and dust mites. You should clean the back of your neck daily with a mild soap and a warm, damp washcloth.

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