7 Awkward Things A Partner Will Open Up About If They Truly Love You

Sharing awkward things together is one of the best ways to build a stronger bond with your partner. When you two have the ability to laugh with each other or overcome uncomfortable situations together, it means you have a love that’s built to last. However, if your partner can’t seem to embrace the awkward and uncomfortable things in your relationship, then it might foster a sense of insecurity and distrust in your relationship. That is the reason why it’s likely that your relationship won’t work out unless your partner would be able to share these uncomfortable and awkward things with you.

1. How they really feel

It isn’t always easy to talk about your feelings because it puts you in a vulnerable spot. If you know your partner isn’t going to like what you have to say, it can put you off from speaking up at all. However, if your relationship is going to work, you and your partner should be honest with each other about your thoughts and feelings.

2. Their insecurities and fears.

When you have a partner who opens up to you about their fears and insecurities, it shows they may not completely trust you. You need to be in a relationship with someone who you know you can always trust and rely on to be there for you when you are at your weakest and most vulnerable. And that’s the reason you need to open up about your fears to each other.

3. Their Needs

You are advisable to be thankful to have a partner who opens up to you about their needs in the relationship. It goes to show that they are invested in you and that they want to make things work with you. They don’t expect you to just read what’s on their mind. They always want to make sure that you know what you mean to them.

4. Their financial habits and philosophies.

Money is one of the major sources of problems for long-term couples. And it’s important that you two are able to fix that. Naturally, the deeper you get into your relationship, you are going to want to open up to one another about how you handle your money. A failure to do so could result in a big fight or conflict.

5. Their s-e-x-u-a-l fantasies.

In most contemporary relationships, se-x-u-a-l intimacy is always going to play an important role . Therefore, it’s good when you have a partner who actually opens up to you about the s-e-x-u-a-l fantasies that they might have. It goes to show that they are interested in spicing things up in the bedroom with you. It means that they’re interested in really fueling your passions.

6. Life Experiences That Were Hurtful

We all have past experiences that may have been painful and awkward. It’s never easy to talk to someone about these things. That’s why it’s really a different kind of intimacy when you have a partner open up to you about the experiences in life that have brought them the most pain.

7. Their family issues.

And finally, you are definitely a part of the family if your partner starts talking to you about the issues in their family. It means that they practically see you as someone they are going to have a close and intimate relationship with that can match the level of family.

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