7 Actions To Avoid When You Fight With Someone You Love

It is so easy to hurt someone you love. A wrong word or an action would be enough to break his/ her heart. The resentment could last long after you finish that quarrel and it will slowly destroy your relationship. There are some actions that you should avoid at all costs, no matter how angry or disappointed you are at that moment. Here are some of those actions.

1. Don’t Be ᴠɪᴏʟᴇɴᴛ

While fighting, people tend to show the worst sides of their character. Some, trying to prove themselves right, resort to violence. Don’t allow yourself or your partner to use ᴠɪᴏʟᴇɴᴄᴇ, no matter how angry you might be with each other. The physical pain caused by a loved one will ᴋɪʟʟ all the feelings that once bound you.

2. Don’t include other family members in your fights

The misunderstanding or a fight between you and your loved one is for your ears only. By involving any of your parents or friends you risk turning that simple quarrel into a family feud. Even if you manage to return the harmony to your relationship, others will remember every single detail of that fight and they will use those details against you or your partner.

3. Don’t mix it all up.

If the main cause of the fight is a pile of unwashed dishes, then let it stay that way. Do not remind your partner of all their prior wrongdoings — this is a way to turn a minor domestic issue into a big ugly conflict. In addition, your partner may have a logical question: do I need to continue a relationship in which there are so many demands?

4. Never Ever Mention a Divorce

When you say “Let’s divorce” during a fight, this can become the biggest insult ever. These words may hurt the feelings of your partner really badly. And the more often you say them, the faster the divorce will actually occur. If you love each other, never talk about parting.

5. Never Ever Leave The House In The Middle of The Fight

Leaving the house or a room, slamming the door, and running away from problems in the middle of an argument could make your partner question the level of your maturity. It could say a lot about how uncomfortable you really feel staying under the same roof with your partner. You should better wait until you both calm down and then discuss everything you have on your mind.

6. Do not go to bed separately.

By going to sleep separately, you show that you are not ready to make up. The daily routine, such as going to bed together, will ease the atmosphere and quickly resolve the conflict. You may end up lying back to back at first, but in the morning you will wake up in each other’s arms without the tiniest hint of last night’s fight.

7. Never Fight in Public

If you let yourself fight with a loved one in a public place, you have no respect for your partner or the people around you. Don’t ever fight in public because that is only between you and your partner. Resolve your issues in the privacy of your home.

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