60-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth to Her First Child But Is Dumped By Her Husband On The Same Day

A woman named Atifa Ljajic was dumped by her husband Serif Nokic after they spent 20 years trying to have a baby, when she finally became pregnant at the age of 60.

Atifa Ljajic pictured alongside her newborn daughter, Alina, and husband, Serif Nokic. | Source: facebook.com/thirstfortruth | facebook.com/Victoria Real

Serif Nokic changed his mind when hearing the baby screaming in the maternity ward. He told his wife that he was too old to put up with the crying.

When Serif Nokic was 68, he decided to leave her on the day the baby arrived in Novi Pazar, in western Serbia’s Raska District.

He told his partner that newborn daughter Alina would keep him up at night with her crying.

When asked about abandoning new mum Atifa, Serif said: ‘She got what she wanted, now she is happy.’

Serif claims that living with a baby at his age would be too damaging to his health.

While Atifa also has health problems, including high blood pressure, she says she is ready to raise her daughter alone.

‘Above all, I am a sick man, I am 68, I am a diabetic and I have a weak heart.”, Serif said.

‘It is not easy not to sleep all night and to hear a baby’s cry.’

Atifa was considered a high-risk pregnancy and was in hospital for the three months leading up to giving birth.

Image source: CEN

Serif claimed that he had gone along with the idea although he had opposed the pregnancy at first.

But as Atifa held Alina in her arms for the first time, Serif decided he did not want to be with his new family.

Little Alina will not even have his last name because he refused to have her registered as his daughter.

Atifa and Serif are thought to have used an anonymous sperm donor.

Atifa said she would raise her baby by herself even though she has little money.

She is a cousin of Rasim Ljajic, the Minister of Trade and Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia, but says she has no relatives who can help her.

Atifa, who worked in a textile factory said: ‘Whatever happens, whether Serif stays or leaves, I will fight to raise Alina the best way I can and to put her on the right way. I will live only for her.”

‘I know that it will not be easy but I still believe there are good people who will want to help me.’, she added.

Image source: CEN

As her 60th birthday approached in 2017, Atifa had almost given up hope of having children, when doctors told her she was finally expecting a baby following fertility treatment.

Atifa fulfilled her lifelong dream when she successfully gave birth to the healthy baby girl.

‘I knew it would be a big risk at my age, but my only wish in my life was that I have a child, and it happened to me.”, she said.

‘I was not afraid of my life at all, God gave me courage. I have never felt better.’

Source: Daily Mail

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