6 Ways Men WISH Women Would Show Their Love

6 Ways Men WISH Women Would Show Their Love (Rather Than Just Saying It)

1. Do acts of service.

These are cleaning every knit/replacing every old pair of socks/cooking every meal…. These are ways for boys to see that we care about them. They feel cared for, special, and loved. And sometimes we stop doing these things because we get busy or forget or think he can do it himself.

3. Show your appreciation.

Sometimes we feel that our partner doesn’t need appreciation for what is provided to us because, duh, he should already be doing these things (and maybe even more!). Praise him, tell him how sexy he is and how helpful he is being. Vocally appreciating what your partner provides fuels and inspires him to do even more.

4. Be okay with your process – Don’t try to change it.

As frustrating as it can be at times, we both know that we can’t really change a man. It’s detrimental to any partnership and doesn’t say “we’re partners in this” or “I love you just the way you are.” There is so much power behind a woman inspiring her man to become a better version of himself without making him feel like he needs to change.

5. Be happy and nice to him in front of other people.

Are you piling on praise and encouragement, or criticism and sarcasm? Don’t waste what he does, either in your face or behind your back. Your words are more important to him than anyone else’s.

6. Always lean on him.

It’s easy to be there for him in the good times, but being his number one fan in the bad times and holding the candle of hope for him when he’s in doubt or struggling with one of life’s challenges is how he will experience your love.



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