6 tips to keep your man only glued to you

6 tips to keep your man only glued to you

1. Appreciate him

Sadly, most men don’t get half of the care they give out in relationships. Your man wants to feel loved and appreciated. Thank him for even the smallest things he does, make him feel important at every chance you get. This is one of the ways to keep him glued to you.

2. Be a good listener

Men love women who listen well and provide solutions, they need a shoulder to lean on when they’re down, so forget all the macho façade they put up. Be that woman who he desires to open up to. Being a good listener will help you both connect mentally and emotionally.

3. Be vulnerable

Vulnerability involves being open to your partner. It means sharing your emotions – fears, weaknesses – and information with your partner. It might not seem like a big deal at first but this vulnerability will make him trust you and become more comfortable around you.

4. Respect

Demanding respect from your partner is right but you can’t have what you don’t dish out. Do you have a high regard for his opinion, perspective and decisions? Do you consult him when you want to make decisions? Are you rude to him?

There’s a cliche that goes “respect is reciprocal.” Being respectful to your man will attract respect and kind treatment from him too.

5. Make time out

Making time out for him is among the best ways of showing him you value him. See, women love attention a lot but men love it too. Give him attention, plan dates and trips. Men adore women who make time out for them.

6. Give Him Space

You should make time out for him but sis, don’t choke him with it. Men love their privacy. Sometimes, they want to be left alone to enjoy their solitude, so try not to be too clingy. A healthy balance is required.

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