6 things that no woman should ever wait for a man to do

A woman may want or need many things from her man, but she can totally survive without him. Below are 7 things that a woman should not expect from a man.

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Men can be unpredictable and carefree creatures.But, they can show that they care. It flows naturally and need not to be pressed. In a case woman expects a lot from a man, she might just end up feeling rejected, misunderstood, and neglected. This question is for women: why do not you give yourself the kind of care you deserve, rather than expect it from others?


A woman’s confidence should not be based on a man’s perspective. Men’s words should not be only for boosting a woman’s ego. The man should starve your ego and also he should feed your soul. A woman who feels confident in her own skin is the most attractive woman.


Even though it is pleasant to receive gifts from men, a woman should not expect men to be like the fictional Santa Claus. The truth is that a woman’s feeling towards a man should not be based on his gift-giving capacity. But if he comes with a garden of roses and mountain of chocolates, nonetheless, that is something that makes the situation better.


There are two things about men: they will tell or they will not tell. But, one thing a woman should know: she should not a man to reveal himself or his thoughts. If he says things, good; if he does not, give his space and leave him alone. Additionally, a woman should not bother thinking what is inside a man’s head like.


Even though women want them to be mind-readers, men are generally not mind-readers. One womanshould not expect a man to look beyond the surface and get the words and feelings she has been hiding. The best thing is to say out things frankly.


If a woman waits for a man to be devoted, she might get disappointed. On the other hand, if a man has been already self-assured and ready for it, that should not be a hard thing to do.

There is only one message from all these 7 things: women should not wait for men to make them feel loved, understood, and important. If a man truly does, he casually shows off.

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