6 Sure Signs Your Partner Wants to Spend Their Life With You

6 Sure Signs Your Partner Wants to Spend Their Life With You

1. You are “Before Everything Else”.

They would always prioritize your wants and desires over theirs whenever it is pragmatically feasible for them. If your partner makes adjustments in their lives so that they can spend time with you, it means that they truly love your company and your needs are something they care about.

2. He enjoys being domestic with you

You might as well be living together, since you spend every weekend at his house (or his place). He has clothes, toothbrushes, and towels put away for the night. He doesn’t really cook, but he gets excited about going shopping together and making a meal with you.

3. Your family loves you.

His opinions are important, and if they love him, there is a greater chance that he will want to make you a part of the family. What the family thinks is important to a man. So if you started out bad with them, go fix it now.

4. Immense trust

TRUST is the core of any good relationship. Mutual trust beyond anything else comes from unwavering honesty and a strong sense of compassion and affection. Most relationships fail because of trust issues.

5. A place of comfort

A fulfilling relationship is one that gives you the comfort you so desperately need after a tiring day at work or when things go wrong. A person who provides you with that comfort is a person who is destined to stay in your life.

6. Positive energy

By accepting you for who you are, a true partner brings into your life all the positive energy you will need to become a better and stronger person. They motivate you for all the good things you can achieve.


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