6 subtle signs show that your ex really misses you

It’s really hard to break up, especially if there are still lingering feelings. Sometimes people break up based on situations out of their control rather than lack of feelings.

When things like distance and life goals don’t match up, it can be a devastating break for both of you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s over for good.

Sometimes exes can get back together with a changed perspective. Here are some signs that your ex still misses you and might want to reconnect someday.

1. They like all your posts on social media

They don’t have to, but they do. It’s even more telling if they like them shortly after they’re posted. That’s a subtle way for their username to catch your eye and possibly make you think of them as well. Daring exes may even comment. The comment itself will probably be short, sweet, and positive. Something like “you look amazing!” is definitely a way to let you know they still have feelings for you.

2. They find random excuses to contact you

They find the most random reasons to reach out to you. They send you funny cat memes on Messenger. They call to tell you some things. Maybe they send you pictures of themselves: a picture of them with their family at brother’s graduation or of them getting an award at work.

Whatever the means of contact or for whatever the reason, your ex reaching out is a clear sign that you are still on their mind. They want to hear from you.

3. Some of their social media posts are a little suspicious

If your ex has been thinking about you a lot and really misses you, they might try to send some subtle vibes your way in the form of captions and pictures. Instagram is a good way to test the waters. Think about it — sometimes, your posts are really meant to be viewed by one person. If your ex tweets that they’re bored, or sends out a Facebook message saying “anyone want to do something tonight?” it could be interpreted as bait to see if you’ll view it or respond.

4. They tell you they miss you in a joking way they’re not joking!

Joking about something is one of the best ways to try and gauge someone’s reaction, without saying it in a serious manner. If your ex is always jokingly telling you that they miss you, they’re probably not joking. They actually do miss you.

5. They talk about the past

Not the bad times, they talk about the good times you two shared. The happy memories, the things that made them laugh – the memories that make them miss you. We all reminisce about the past, but they’re stuck in it.

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6. Or, maybe they’re withdrawing completely

If your ex used to post on Instagram all the time and subtly stopped, they could be trying to adjust to life without you. That, or they don’t feel the need to share as much anymore. If you made their life exciting and you were the one who often suggested places to go and people to see, they may be in a rut. Sometimes, you don’t realize how much you miss someone until they’re completely out of the picture.

7. They want you to get jealous

Any woman or man who plays games is usually in an unstable and emotionally unstable place internally.

They want a reaction from you. They miss you, but they want to see how you feel about them.

8. They still keep photos of the two of you on their feed

It’s amazing how much insight people can gain by looking at social media patterns. Deleting pictures of an ex is fairly common on social media. However, some people like to leave happy moments alone. If your ex hasn’t scrubbed you from their social media, it means they still care about you as a person and they might want to hold onto the good memories a little longer.

9. They are contacting your friends

If they’re reaching out frequently to your friends they never seemed to care much about then they are most likely trying to hunt down your whereabouts and find out how you’re doing.

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