6 Special Things A Man Does Only With The Woman He Loves The Most

Maybe you think that men have a problem expressing their vulnerability, or that they are the stronger, more insensitive and colder gender. The truth, however, is those are all parts of a big stereotype.

Just because men don’t go around throwing the words “I love you” to every living being, doesn’t mean that they are frigid and too damn afraid to love.

A guy has to be certain about the woman he loves. He may never utter the words if he’s casually dating someone who can’t be serious about.

However, when a man truly loves, he will erase every boundary he had around him. He will completely devote himself to your happiness, and he’ll keep you safe because you are his only gem.

Here are 6 things men do only with the woman he really loves

1. They listen to her.

When a man is truly interested in you, he will look you in the eyes when you talk. He won’t get distracted by his phone because he cares what you have to say. He wants to hear your opinion and treats it with respect.

2. They make sacrifices.

More importantly, a man in love won’t be afraid to sacrifice himself for your love. Even if that means getting out of his way to make you happy, and even if that requires an immense effort in order for your relationship to succeed.

If he’s willing to accept you just the way you are and put up with your weaknesses, he’s a keeper.

3. They fight for you.

A man who finds a keeper will not want to lose her for anything in this world. That’s why he is always ready to fight for you, your love and attention. A man in love is determined to save your relationship and he is willing to compromise about everything in order to keep you by his side.

4. They are proud of your successes.

An infatuated man is proud of you. He celebrates your achievements as if they were his own. The genuine pride and happiness inside his soul are real. Because in love, there’s no competition. Your joy is his joy. Your success is his success.

5. They care about your family and friends.

When men are in love, they want to know everything about you. They want to know who your friends and family are and love to meet them. They know that such people are important to you and they treat them with respect, too.

6. They are not afraid to reveal his true colors in front of you

Most importantly, when a man loves you, he won’t be afraid to be vulnerable in front of you. On the contrary, he’ll enjoy showing you his true colors. He will share his beliefs, his opinions, his crazy ideas, silly goals, scariest fears and every little thing that doesn’t really make sense.

Reference: thepowerofsilence.co

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