6 Signs Your Partner Loves You More Than You Once Thought

6 Signs Your Partner Loves You More Than You Once Thought

When it comes to love, actions can speak louder than words. Though you might think you have your relationship all figured out, it’s definitely possible that your partner might love you more than you think they do.

Below are signs that show Your Partner Loves You More Than You Once Thought

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1. They make you a priority.

If your partner generally makes you and your relationship a priority, that’s another good sign that they might love you more than you think. Whether they make you a priority in big ways or just in small, subtle ways, it lets you know that they value the connection they have with you.

2. They always apologize to you even when there’s no need to.

They are always asking for forgiveness. They are always so scared that they’re not doing right by you. And it’s almost at the point of paranoia.

3. They always consult you before making any plans.

They never really feel like they can do anything in life without asking your permission first. They don’t really act unless you give them some kind of go signal.

4. They take note of every little thing you say.

They always pay close attention to every little thing that you say. They show great attention to detail with you. They always take notice of the little things that you might say or do. It’s almost as if they are obsessed with you.

5. They text you way more than you text them.

And it’s not just the kinds of text messages that they send you. It’s also the frequency of the text messages. They are texting you CONSTANTLY and the ratio between your text messages is very high.

6. They really go out of their way for you.

You have a partner who really goes out of their way for you. It’s almost like they are always willing to compromise their own needs and their personal well-being for you. You get the sense that they are almost self-deprecating with the way that they treat you.

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