6 Signs your lover is after lust, not love

6 Signs that your lover is after lust, not love

Being in an illusion that your partner is happily in love with you is not healthy. Often, when we love someone, we tend to think that they reciprocate our feelings, when in reality they do not. And this behavior becomes very evident with some clear signs. These signs are also huge red flags that indicate that your partner is not in a committed relationship with you for love. And so, we have listed some red flags that will help you identify if your partner is with you for your lust.

1. Your partner is taking things too fast in the relationship.

This is the biggest telltale sign that it is lust in your relationship. You have to know that true love is not something that forms in a matter of seconds. Love is always something that has to be built over time. Love is like a good wine; it gets better with age. And you really have to give it the time to grow and become yours. Love cannot be instantaneous.

2. Your partner comes to you at the last minute.

A guy who wants a relationship with you will want to plan a date with you in advance. He’ll want to get stuck into spending time with you so other guys can’t.

He’ll want to book you for next week or maybe even plan a trip with you a few months out to get some quality time.

The guy who is texting you last minute to “hang out” isn’t really interested in anything other than hooking up with you.

3. He is too impatient and won’t wait for you.

You may find him super attractive but you may not be ready to jump into bed with a stranger right away. If he doesn’t wait for you to feel more comfortable sharing yourself with him, then he’s not really interested in more than sex.

A man who really likes you will wait for you because he knows you’re worth it. Don’t waste his time or give in to pressure to be intimate before you are ready.

4. Initiatives from your side

You will notice that it will never be your partner who initiates phone calls, text messages or even dates because, in all honesty, they are less interested. They probably don’t want anything to do outside of the bedroom with you. Therefore, they will hardly initiate any dates or trips with you.

5. Manipulative attitude

Your partner will always seek to control you according to your benefit. And unconsciously, you will also find yourself doing whatever they want. This is because you want to see them happy, but they don’t want the same. They will ask you to change your schedule or the time that suits them best, and even be mysterious when you ask them something.

6. Arguments and fights

They will appear ready to end fights and arguments without reaching any solution. They will wait for you to approach them, because it is quite clear that it is you who will suffer for not speaking. If your partner resists one healthy debate at a time, they don’t love you.

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