6 Signs A ‘Nice’ Person Secretly Has Negative Intentions

There are those people who seem to be extremely nice. Because of their kindness, we feel attracted towards them. They tell us interesting stories and satisfy our needs. However, when more time passes, you realize that such people don’t make friends with everyone. They use their kindness only to fulfil their real intentions, which most of the time are to make themselves happy and hurt other people.

How to recognize such people? Below is a list of 6 signs which show that a nice person has bad intentions.

1. They Repeatedly Make Demands

A person who seems nice but in reality is a manipulator tends to make a lot demands. He believes himself to be superior to others and would like to dominate people. Such a person likes to use other people to fulfill his own agenda. You can refuse to submit to their wishes by holding your ground. Try not to get sucked into their negativity.

2. They arouse negative feelings

After talking to someone who is genuinely nice you should feel positive. If you end up feeling negative and emotionally drained then that person is certainly just pretending to be nice. Your intuition will warn you against such people and if you do feel discomfort after spending time with them, then you should avoid them.

3. They know how to use their body language.

They know that keeping eye contact is important. Thus, they will do it not because they are really interested in you but because they want to trick you. Also, they know all about your body language and will use it against you.

4. They Use Persuasion As A Game

Someone with bad intentions who is hiding behind a nice persona will constantly use persuasion to get what they want. They’ll use peer pressure to talk you into doing something that you don’t want do. They are pro’s at manipulating the people around them to get what they want.

5. They offend others by joking.

Their jokes are meant to offend other people. They hurt them and when they see that they did it, they will simply state that it was only a joke.

6. It’s all about them

Whenever you are in conversation with such people, you will notice that it is always about them. All the topics and discussions seem to end for them and only them. They behave like some attention seeking teenage drama queen. They manipulate the course of the conversation very well and you will find it difficult to pitch in a single word.

Do you know anyone like that?

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