6 Secrets You Should Never Keep From Your Partner

6 Secrets you should never keep from your partner

Secrets are generally kept from partners and spouses, no matter how small, because the truth can compromise the relationship. Because keeping secrets in a relationship is not healthy and often stems from fear of the unknown, here are six types of secrets you should never keep from your partner:

1. Used to have a substance abuse problem

You may believe that what happened in the past deserves to remain in the past, but this is an exception. Those who have struggled with and overcome addictions know that temptation will always be present.

In order to fully support you, your partner must be aware of your past addictions. While it is not your partner’s responsibility to cure you, knowing these facts can help you provide the best support possible.

2. Health status

If you have serious mental or physical health problems, you should inform your significant other immediately (ideally, before they become your partner.) Health problems, whether they affect your mental or physical state, should be fully disclosed.

Your partner will almost certainly have to take care of you at some point or seek help from someone who can. It is both morally and rationally justifiable to inform your partner of any serious health problems.

3. You are in debt

If you live with your partner or have combined finances, they need to know how much you owe, whether it is a small amount or a large sum. Don’t keep your debt a secret anymore! Don’t make excuses for not disclosing it at the beginning of a relationship. Expect honesty in return if you are honest.

4. Family problems

So we’re not talking about problems with your in-laws (it’s good to be quiet here!) but problems with your immediate family. If you and a sibling are not getting along, for example, it is appropriate to inform your partner.

You can bet that your partner’s family has some “dysfunctions” too! Explain the important points and have a good laugh about the rest.

5. Update

It’s one thing to have had affairs in the past, but if you are currently flirting with or cheating on your partner, you should tell them right away. Worse, they could learn about the affair from a text message or from someone else. Emotional betrayal is also considered a form of cheating.

6. Children

If you have children with another person, your partner should be aware at this point. However, past actions such as placing a child for adoption should be disclosed because the child may appear in your future.


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